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Regardless of your current profession and tech background, we can help fix you in the highly rewarding tech space. The reality is there is a place for you and there is a way. That way is on us – that’s what we do at Bluepage.

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Our biggest strength is our proven commitment to supporting clients during and after the training till first three(3) weeks of job

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We just don’t give you the skills you need, but also how to use them to add value to your employers

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Business Analyst+Product Owner+Scrum Master (Triple Package)
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Scrum Master (Single)
UI/UX Course
IT Foundation

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1 month after my training was how long it took me to get my first job as a tester. Then, I made the push for the BA role at Syntax. As a mass comm grad, I joined the Business Analyst Triple package with little expectation, but now the rest is history. It has been an amazing ride for me and am really glad I took the step.

Anita John

The biggest deal for me was the relative ease of transition from my completely non techie background to someone who can now achieve technical Deliverables in a project team. I have elevated both in portfolio and pay all within 5 months

Kess Ufo

At first I struggled - no thanks to my purely HR background. Then, the team focused attention on me as if I was the only student. Honestly, their support changed my story. Even when I got a role as a junior BA at Syntax, I still got hand holding from them for 2 weeks. Your support really helped me.