The product owner job role is a fast-emerging powerhouse profession in the tech business space. The Product owner is one of the major players in the agile workspace. The product owner is very similar to the Business analyst role in that both are the bridge or liaison between the business people or customers and the technology team. They typically understand the business needs, translate them into business requirements and communicate them to the tech team for development or creation. Regarding the complexity of functions, the PO job functions are like the BA’s. Some believe the PO role is more tasking than the BA role. Well, it depends on from which angle you are viewing it. Because the PO role seems to manage a product, it may be more prone to making decisions and carrying some accountability around it. On the other hand, the BA might do less of the above but may be involved in executing more tasks. From my own experience and that of others, both sides of the same coin are different. The only slight variation in these two roles is that a Product owner will predominantly work within an agile environment. In contrast, a Business Analyst could work on waterfall and agile projects.  Also, the PO is considered more like a managerial role as it oversees the scrum team and the Scrum master, though with minimal or no control as is obtainable in agile.

The Product Owner role is in the top bracket of earners in the tech space- higher than most job roles, including Business analysts. It attracts a healthy average salary ranging between $80k to 140 Canadian dollars depending on location, experience, and company profile.

The question you are obviously asking now is, “Why are people not talking much about it then?” My simple answer is ignorance.

If you are considering pursuing a rewarding career in tech and need more IT background, the Product owner role is an excellent option. 

Disregarding this monster of a career, considering the minimal effort you require to jumpstart the profession, you will not only be leaving money on the table, but you will also be leaving a lot out.