About Us

Our Vision

To be a leader in helping professionals from all backgrounds attain their career dreams and in providing human resource services to organizations.


Who We Are

Bluepage Consulting is a forward-thinking career and manpower development organization. We operate mainly in the technology sector and specialize in helping professionals from all backgrounds transition to the tech space and helping organizations recruit the best hands for all technology roles.

Our Commitment

As of today, we have successfully helped many professionals from diverse backgrounds secure life-changing careers in the tech space through our proven training and mentorship programs. Our model is specially designed to accommodate professionals who have a dream of pursuing a career in tech but have little or no tech experience.

Our Team

We have a dedicated team of professionals across relevant positions in the organization. Some of our leaders include:
Ojevwe Egbedi, CEO - A tech consultant in Software delivery, Project management, Data management, Change management, Agile, Career Mentor, and Trainer. Elysian Eloho, ED, Consulting and Operations – Certified Agile, Product and project management specialist and Trainer
Anita John, ED, Projects and Strategy Design and Trainer
Iroro Agbanika, Head of Digital Marketing and Publicity
The group includes other personnel who contribute in various capacities to ensure that the organization provides first-class services.

What We Do

At Bluepage, we help people achieve their career dreams through professional training, guidance, and mentoring. One of our cardinal objectives is to help professionals jumpstart a career in tech regardless of their background. We do provide training and recruitment services for organizations, helping them to source high-quality manpower.

We also offer consultancy in Project management and Agile to large and small organizations for product delivery.